Madrinas Program

In effort to better support our Spanish-Speaking families, we have established a Madrinas (God Mothers) Program. We have designated three bilingual “Madrinas” who will be acting as school ambassadors and communicators for our school families. They are available to answer questions about the school, school events, specific practices or protocols, or general questions regarding the school program. They are ready to assist with translation, enrollment, or needed family resources. Feel free to call, email, or text any of them for support. M-F 7am to 9pm.

Please know that the Madrinas are employees of the school and must abide by the principles and policies established by the archdiocese, the state, and St. Gregory the Great School.


Marta Campos (Bilingual Paraprofessional and school parent)

(414) 758- 7013

Monica Aguilar (K3-4 Classroom Aide and school parent)

(414) 914- 0384

Nora Ortega (Playground Supervisor and former school parent)

(414) 526- 3151